2021 Schedule

Day 4 | Thursday, June 10 | Disruption + Innovation
10:00a EST | Navigating the Innovation Imperative: Banking CX that Simplifies Lives

Meaningful innovation and the ability to predict customer preferences will be essential for financial institutions to stay competitive in the increasingly digital financial world. Accelerated by the pandemic, digital adoption has risen dramatically with more customers comfortable with digital banking than ever before. Customers expect banks to provide the same highly capable tools and simple experience offered by digital native companies—without regard to geography. This requires a deep understanding of customer needs. Beth will explain why financial institutions must invest in CX-based innovation and why those that fail to adapt to this evolving digital reality will be left behind.

In this session, she will also explore how innovation at Citizens is more than just cutting-edge technology or a focus on the future. It embodies the very ethos of the organization. Beth will share how the bank puts intention behind innovation by using data-driven insights to guide decisions and stay ahead of customer preferences in an increasingly competitive financial landscape.


Casey Bolsega, Head of Partnerships, Powderkeg (Moderator)

Beth Johnson, Chief Experience Officer, Citizens

10:30a EST - Break

10:35a EST | Hans Zandhuis Fireside Chat


Mark Walker, Editorial Director, The Fintech Times (Moderator)

Hans Zandhuis, Head of Ally Lending, Ally

11:10a EST | Central Bank Digital Currencies Panel        11:50a EST | Roundtable Session with Panelists

Introduced by Dean Nolan at Fifth Third Bank | PayCLT:

Peter Tapling, Managing Director, PTap Advisory, LLC (Moderator)

Carolina Caballero, Business Payments & Digital Currencies Product Head, Mastercard

Melissa Leistra, Federal Reserve Board

Rich Longo, General Manager, North America, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Mambu

11:55a EST | Bridging Fintechs, Innovation and Banks


Dean Nolan, Senior Director of Enterprise Payments, Fifth Third Bank (Moderator)

Matthew Lee, Head of Product Innovation, Banking and Financial Services, Cognizant

Michael Lewandowski, Principal Product Strategist, Method

12:25p EST - Lunch + Networking
1:05p EST | Disrupting Home Lending Panel        1:45p EST | Roundtable Session with Panelists

There's a new generation of first-time homebuyers. Some of these first-time buyers are leading a very different lifestyle than previous generations and are looking for more flexibility and low-commitment. Others are struggling to build the financial profile and large down payment needed to purchase a new home. During this session, we're talking to emerging startups who are looking to reach this new population of homebuyers and introduce a new way to purchase a home. We'll also be talking to traditional lenders, and how they're addressing these industry changes and looking to reach some of the underserved markets.


CD Davies, CEO, Figure Acquisition Corp. (Moderator) 

Eric Chebil, Founder, Cher

Christian Wallace, Head of Real Estate Services, Better.com

Montell Watson, Director of Movement Direct, Movement Mortgage

2:05p EST - 5 minute break
2:10p EST | Alternatives to FICO Scores Panel        2:50p EST | Roundtable Session with Panelists

As more and more data sources become available, entrepreneurs and companies are repurposing their data to look at and underwrite risks through new lenses. A variety of financial products – student loans, mortgages, credit cards, and more – are using these “Alternative FICO Scores” to underwrite underserved populations.


Julie VerHage-Greenberg, Co-Founder, Fintech Today (Moderator)

Shawn Rife, Product Management Director • Experian

Jeannie Tarkenton, Co-Founder & CEO, Funding U

Ben Quaye, Co-Founder, Clowte

3:10p EST - 5 minute break
3:15p EST | Power to the People Panel        3:55p EST | Roundtable Session with Panelists

No matter where you look, individuals are fighting back. On both sides of the aisle, people are challenging government, institutions, companies -- in philanthropy, politics, medicine, and finance as well. In one corner, reactionaries tell us that expertise and regulation is required. In the other: proponents of self-determination. Who is right? There’s room for debate when it comes to science or government, but for fintech, the answer actually doesn’t matter. The behavior change around us does. People are behaving as though they have power to make their own financial decisions and challenge the status quo. This movement began in the wake of the Great Recession and we’re seeing it again amidst Covid-19. Individuals - not institutions - are driving real change.

Introduced by Andy Jenkins at Credit Karma:

Caroline Hudson, Reporter, Charlotte Business Journal (Moderator)

Brian Dally, Co-Founder & CEO, GROUNDFLOOR

David Helene, Founder & CEO, Edquity

Tyler Voss, Chief Revenue Officer, Amicus.io

3:55p EST - 5 minute break
4:00p EST | Differentiating Your Brand for the Digital Era

Digital has changed the way things are done. It is not only about enhancing the traditional financial services business model, but also about reimagining it for a digital age. Financial services companies that best leverage digital technologies in new and innovative ways will create new value for consumers and businesses.

There are many lessons that can be learned by looking across industries for best practices in digital strategy. Perficient works with some of the world's most innovative brands—across various industries—to digitally transform how they attract, engage, and support their customers.

Introduced by Sandeep Uthra at Truliant:

Mary Johnson, Founder & Chief Content Creator, Brave New Word (Moderator)

Scott Albahary, Chief Strategist, Financial Services, Perficient