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June 14 - 15, 2023 | Charlotte Convention Center

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We’re more connected than ever, yet the individual has never been as isolated as they are today. It’s time to take the digital ecosystem offline and build real community. This year’s Fintech + Insurtech Generations is about the people and designing an experience that fosters fellowship. While productivity soars and the work day lengthens, connection has reached an all-time low. It’s time to reconnect - reconnect over the issues, the innovations, the industry and over drinks! Join us as we build a community that will extend far beyond June 14 and 15. Take part in the conversations that matter and networking that makes a difference. Let’s get back to building community, in real life.


Real Issues. Real Talk.

Fintech + Insurtech Generations isn't  your typical, boring talking heads. At this year's conference attendees will participate in real conversations around real issues. Hear from the industry's leading experts on the issues that matter most, and enjoy engaging formats other than your standard, run of the mill panel discussions. 

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Why attend Fintech + Insurtech Generations?

Working With Only the Best.

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