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Day 1 Sessions

Oracle for Startups Fireside Chat led by Sanjay Mathew featuring Raissa João and Arushi Joshi

Digital v. Traditional Banking Panel led by Aubrey Hawes featuring Maia Bittner, Dave Kochbeck, and Jamie Warder

Expanding Engineering, AI and R&D Operations Outside the USA led by Ben Larouche featuring Pat Forgione, Vito Italia,  and Bryan Minor

Data + Consumer Privacy Legislation Panel led by Scott Harkey featuring Jane Barratt, Julie Bateman, and Kimberly Monty Holzel

Women Leading in Banking Panel led by Paul Davis featuring Bridgit Chayt, Kim Snipes, and Laurie Stewart

RevTech Labs Demo Day with Class 14 & DCU FIC Founders

Day 1
Day 2

Day 2 Sessions

Synergistic Digital Banking Migration Fueled by Partnerships led by Ben Pimentel featuring Scott Case

Startups Partnering with Large Institutions Panel led by Ramy Serageldin featuring Mike DeAngelis, Kelly Fryer, and Laurel Taylor

Hiring Right: Getting the Right People to Help You Grow and Scale led by Randy Fisher featuring Ty Chandler and Ammara Abedi

Company Consolidations Panel led by Taylor Barden featuring Nicholas Clemens, David Francione, and Tom Wilson

A Case Study: From Startup to Exit led by Nat Clarkson featuring Bill Frischling, Andrew Gowasack, and Greg Upham

Enabling Innovation & Collaboration Panel led by Sankar Krishnan featuring Blair Halliday, Janine Hirt, Philippa Martinelli, and Tom Moore

Day 3

Day 3 Sessions

Social Impact Fireside Chat led by Elise Franco featuring Maury Wolfe

Growing Diverse Investment for StartUps Panel led by Dan Roselli featuring Marci Marra, Calvin Williams, Jr., and Ksenia Yudina

Understanding the Underbanked Panel led by Greg Lloyd featuring Maria Lajewski, Sid Pailla, and Gary Stein

Young Adult Financial Health + Education Panel led by Bernadette Joy featuring Uzma Amin, Dr. Fatma Mili, and Steve Powers

Craig J. Lewis Fireside Chat led by Scarlett Sieber featuring Craig J. Lewis

Day 4

Day 4 Sessions

Navigating the Innovation Imperative: Banking CX that Simplifies Lives led by Casey Bolsega featuring Beth Johnson

Central Bank Digital Currencies Panel led by Peter Tapling featuring Carolina Caballero, Melissa Leistra, and Rich Longo

Disrupting Home Lending Panel led by CD Davies featuring Eric Chebil, Christian Wallace, and Montell Watson

Power to the People Panel led by Caroline Hudson featuring Brian Dally, David Helene, and Tyler Voss

Hans Zandhuis Fireside Chat led by Mark Walker featuring Hans Zandhuis

Bridging Fintechs, Innovation and Banks led by Dean Nolan featuring Matthew Lee and Michael Lewandowski

Alternatives to FICO Scores Panel led by Julie VerHage-Greenberg featuring Shawn Rife, Jeannie Tarkenton, and Ben Quaye

Differentiating Your Brand for the Digital Era led by Mary Johnson featuring Scott Albahary

Day 5

Day 5 Sessions

Eric Steigerwalt Fireside Chat led by Dan Roselli featuring Eric Steigerwalt

AI & Ethics in Insurance Panel led by Faith Neale featuring Triveni Gandhi, Joshua Landau, Sophie Le Goff, and Jonny Jenq

Automation of Claims Panel led by Clint Marlow featuring Alex Dalyac, Demetrius Gray, Pablo Mellado, and Rajcan Surface

Fireside Chat with Innovative Insurtechs led by Bryan Falchuk featuring Jim Albert and Alex Frommeyer

InsurTech's Role in Demystifying Insurance led by Danielle Chemtob featuring Landy Liu

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